RV Trips - Kenora ON

This was a busy summer for us, so with our flying trip out to the west coast for Meaghan's graduation and such, we didn't actually get away in the RV much.  But we did set aside a couple of weeks for a different (at least for us) road trip.  We decided that, since it was just us, we wouldn't plan anything particular.  Instead we decided to drive west out to Highway 11, turn north, and see where we get to.

So, we headed north up the highway, up through North Bay.  Late afternoon found us rolling into New Liskeard.  We stopped in at the Ontario Tourism Information place and asked about campgrounds in the area.  This pleasant young lady directed us about 10 minutes out of town to the Sutton Bay campground which is right close to the Quebec border.  Most of the camp sites are occupied by seasonal folks, but we had a very nice time and hit the road early the next morning.

The next day, we continued up Highway 11 through Iroquois Falls, Cochrane, and Kapuskasing to Hearst.  Usually, if we're just stopping for sleep on the way through, we just park in the back of the Husky station.  But since it worked out so well the day before, we stopped in the Information place and we were told about a campground about 15 minutes north of town. So, off we were to the Veilleux Campground.  What a great place !  There are quite a few seasonal camp sites, but we tucked into a nice little spot and since it came highly recommended, we decided to have dinner in the little restaurant run by the campgrounds.  The food was great, but the sunset was fabulous !  

The next day, we fought HUGE headwinds all the way across through Nipigon to Thunder Bay.  Strangely enough, our compass did not go wacko this year through the area around Beardmore.  Last time, the compasses in all the trucks on our little mini-caravan went nutso through this area, although the GPS's were fine.  At the time, we'd guessed there must be iron-ore deposits around there, but this year ... nuthin' !


We found ourselves in Thunder Bay coming up on dinner time, so we headed for the Happyland Campgrounds in Kakabeka Falls where we've stayed a few times before.  There's something comforting about going into a place where you've stayed before and you know the routine and where the washrooms and showers are.

Wendy and I got talking over wine and dinner, and we decided that since Susan and Megan had been nagging so nicely for the past few days, we'd head up to Keewatin for a little visit.  Besides, we wanted to meet Kellon and Mehki at last !  So a plan was set and the next morning we struck off for Kenora.

We rolled into Susan's place about mid-afternoon.  Susan has property on the end of the road about 5 km off the Trans-Canada Highway. It's a great place, but there's no way I'm taking the RV in there.  So we always park just in off the highway on this little lane that leads up to the pipeline right-of-way.  No services, but terrific surroundings !

The next day, we went into town to run errands including picking up fish bait.  In the afternoon, we met up with Susan's next-door neighbour and good friend Dave, who grew up on Lake-of-the-Woods,  so we could go pickerel fishing.  Everybody caught fish, except me, but I had a great time anyway !

One of the fish that somebody caught didn't survive the trauma of the catch, but we returned it to nature in a different way.  We tossed it overboard and within minutes two bald eagles showed up and proceeded to go fishing their own way.  It was amazing seeing this pair of eagles swooping and soaring waiting to get at this fish !
Susan did particularly well that afternoon and caught a good portion of what turned out to be lunch the next day.  Susan's always very concerned about being humane to the fish and any injuries the fish might suffer from the hook, and she feels that she has to kiss them better.
This is the area off the side of Susan's road where we park the RV while we're visiting.