Wendy & Ken in Everett WA

Hi !   Welcome to my web site.

My name is Ken Loney.  My wife, Wendy, and I live near Ingoldsby, Ontario.  I've got two kids, Joshua (who lives in Jacksonville FL) and Meaghan (who lives in Panama City FL with her husband Adam and their kids - Cole & Claire & Cora), and Wendy has two kids (Cameron and Devon) who live with their kids in Newmarket ON.  We've (currently) got seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

Since we retired from our first careers and moved to the Haliburton Highlands, we were operating a catalogue mail-order business which we have since sold.  Most of our time now is devoted to music - singing in choirs, playing in various bands, and building musical instruments.  A few times a year, we hit the road with our fifth-wheel RV and go see some part of this wonderful country in which we live.

Anyhow ... take a look around if you care to, and if you want you can send comments to ken@kenloney.com